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Vintage Homewares

Small Glass Milk Bottles from the 40's

The glass milk bottles below are from the 1940's. We have round quarter pints and square half pints available. Each come with a cap. These are not new bottles, but used in New York for the past several decades according to the past owner. We purchased about 300 of each size.

They are not labeled or embossed except along the bottom (1/4 pint or half pint). They come with scratches and obvious signs of wear, but since they are glass they have cleaned up nicely and we think these small sizes are just perfect for spices and perhaps to keep treasured items in clear view. We had one customer who purchased the various sizes and displayed flowers in them for an event - the different heights gave the display various levels of interest.

vintage milk bottles, round quarter pint, square half pint




vintage round quarter pint glass milk bottle
Vintage round quarter pint
glass milk bottle
$12.00 each
Measures 4 1/4" high
by 2" round
55mm opening

comes with a clear lid (pictured)

vintage square half pint glass milk bottle
Vintage square half pint
glass milk bottle
$12.00 each
Measures 5 1/2" tall
by 2 1/4" square
48mm opening

comes with a choice of cream or white cap




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