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Glass Milk Bottles (new)
- Half Gallon
- Quart
- Pint
- Half Pint

Glass Storage Bottles
- Libbey 24 oz

Bottle Go-Withs
- Milk Bottle Caps
- Bottle Brushes
- Bottle Carriers & Baskets

Vintage Items - Limited
- Square Half Pint
- Round Quarter Pint

Mason Jars / Drinking Jars
- Daisy Top Sipper

How to Buy and Store Raw Milk

Look for the products we sell that are 'Made in America'.

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Use UPS My Choice to manage your delivery date.

Shipping & Return Policies


Same Day Shipping Available

We make every effort to ship your order the same business day we get your order. If it's the end of the day or your order is very large than we will pack it the next business day. If there is a delay in getting to your order we will email you or call you with the details. If you have a deadline please let us know when you place the order and we will let you know if we are unable to meet it. Keep in mind that shipping from NM to the east coast is a full week via UPS Ground so plan accordingly.

We use UPS Ground and USPS Priority and First Class Mail to ship our items. Once your order is packed in corrugated cardboard and biodegradable cornstarch packing peanuts we weigh it. Depending on the weight and distance it needs to travel to you we find the least expensive cost between UPS and USPS. We get a bit of a discount because of our relationship with UPS and we pass that along to you. We don't get the deep, deep discount that Amazon or Zappos gets and can't offer free shipping.

UPS has instituted as the January 2015 to charge dimensional weight for all of the packages shipped with them (FedEx is also doing this). So rather than paying for the actual weight of the package UPS adds 2, 3, 4 lbs to even the lightest of packages and that, obviously, increases what they charge for the shipping. UPS had only been doing this on large, heavy packages but now its all packages. So the shipping price we tell you includes this overcharging by UPS. And at some point will drive us out of business as most of our customers are not in a position to pay that. We continually lose business once the customer finds out the shipping price and as we don't have any control over that there isn't anything we can do. We rarely ship USPS Parcel Post/Standard Parcel as those packages tend to arrive to you in pieces if they arrive at all. We make one exception and that is to Alaska and must insure it.

Please be sure of the address you give us and is attached to your Paypal account or credit card account. Once the order has been shipped from us you, the customer, are responsible for all shipping charges incurred. If an order is refused by the customer or canceled during transit, or the address you gave us is not sufficient for delivery, you will be charged any additional fees, typically $12 for UPS domestic orders.

Shipper Release with UPS

For larger orders we will use as that is the most cost effective. After the holiday package stealing scene played out on the national news we are hesitant to allow 'shipper release' on the package we mail to you. If we do that and the package is stolen off of your front porch we are responsible for replacing your order. So your signature is required for packages shipped via UPS.

To help you manage your delivery better has started a new program called UPS My Choice where you can sign up, track your package, and if you want, sign for your package online, release the UPS driver from having to get your signature. If you want to take advantaged of this service please go to UPS website and sign up before you place your order with us. And then use the tracking number we send you once you pay to track your package and manage the delivery more to your schedule.

Orders shipping out of the US:

We do accept orders from other countries. We have found that custom fees may be attached to your order once it reaches your postal office. We are not responsible for these fees, nor do we know what they are.

If you are in Canada and some other country we will ship so long as we can insure the package (and that fee is passed along to you). Shipping is so expensive that the loss of the package is only recoverable if we insure. You need to be really serious to want to pay upwards of $50-$60 to ship 4 or more bottles. If you are, please place your order. Otherwise we don't have any other place to suggest to buy bottles in Europe, Australia or elsewhere. We wish we could be of more assistance with that. If anyone knows of a location out of the US please let us know and we will list it.


When you receive your order:

Know that the packing peanuts are made of biodegradable cornstarch and they are recyclable. We use corrugated boxes, also recyclable. Your bottles caps either came to you in a glassine bag which is biodegradable and can be recycled with your papers or a clear 'green line' bag that is 100% recyclable and compostable.

If you have any breakage during shipping please call (419.299.6726) or email at once so we can replace what has broken. We have a very good track record and breakage is rare. You don't need to go through the hassle of contacting UPS or USPS - whoever delivered your package - they will only tell us we didn't pack well. We will take care of you if breakage occurs.

Wash your bottles and caps before using them. They spend some time in a garage and dust is present. So please wash them in hot soapy water before filling them up! Do not freeze liquid or anything else in your bottles. We are not responsible if you do this and they break, as glass can. We have had customers who have been successful but others who have had to replace the broken frozen bottles.

Returning an item:

If you want to return an item it must be in saleable condition and not a large order. We spend a lot of time packing your order so we are willing to work with you on small orders. But if you have purchased 20, 30, 100 of an item please understand that we can't afford to have you return those items to us. We will attach a return stock fee in these instances. If there is something wrong with the item please just email or call us and we will correct it. We want you to be satisfied.


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