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Milk Bottle Caps - all bpa-free

All of our milk bottle caps are made here in the states (OH) or in Canada. They are made with bpa-free plastic and we have personally spoken with each of the manufacturers to confirm that. Many of the caps are TEC, that is they are Tamper Evident Caps. They have a little plastic strip that needs to be removed prior to use and discarded. All of these caps fit glass milk bottles ONLY. They don't fit the plastic gallon milk jug or any other plastic bottle or jug.

You should hand wash the milk bottle caps, as this will lengthen their life. Eventually the milk bottle caps will stretch and the fit on the bottle will no longer be tight. That is the time to replace them. Never boil the caps as they may shrink.

We sell these caps individually so buy just what you need. Orders of 100 or more qualify for a bulk rate. Often these caps are sent USPS First class mail if that is all that you order. They are very light and fit in a 6 x 10 padded envelope.

To measure for a cap:

Measure the top of the bottle at its opening from outside edge to outside edge. The measurements are listed under each cap on the right.

Regarding the pour spouts:

We recommend only using the pour spouts on the bottle that you are actively using as there is a tiny air hole on the top of the cap that constantly allows air into the milk. It is there to allow the easy flow of the liquid. It is best to use a flat cap on any milk or liquid that is being stored until use.

Also, the pour caps fit tightly on the opening of the bottle. So you need to have strength in your hands to get this cap on and off of the bottle. Once on the red freshness cap comes off easily. So for children and the elderly it makes pour milk easy. So long as there is someone in the home to place and remove the cap on the bottle itself.

Ruth from NY offers this tip for easier on/off for the pour spouts:
"I run the cap under hot water for about 10 secs.  The cap pops on or off much easier this way."

white milk bottle cap
48mm cap in cream
$0.25 each
Fits 1 7/8" opening

Made of Low Density Polyethylene with a
recycle number 4.

white milk bottle cap
48mm cap in white
$0.25 each
Fits 1 7/8" opening

Made of Low Density Polyethylene with a recycle number 4.

pour spouts for milk bottles
48mm pour spout
with red freshness cap
$1.00 each
Fits 1 7/8" opening

38mm pour cap
38mm pour spout
with red freshness cap
$1.00 each
Fits 1 1/2" opening

38mm flat cap for milk bottles
38mm flat cap in blue
$0.25 each
Fits 1 1/2" opening

38mm red flat cap
38mm flat cap in red
$0.25 each
Fits 1 1/2" opening


55mm clear lid for half pint wide mouth bottles
55mm clear lid
$0.35 each
Fits 2 1/4" opening


Shipping of just bottle caps: I have two size of padded envelopes. The smaller size can fit 12 flat caps or 12 pour caps or some combination. If shipping is to a US zip code these will ship USPS First Class Package Service and runs between $2.50 and $3.00 for postage.

I can fit 50 flat caps in the larger envelope. That maxes out the USPS First Class shipping weight of 12 oz and runs around $4 to ship (in the US).

Pour caps are heavier so if you are trying to stay in the USPS First Class shipping weight expect that less than 50 will go in the envelope. And I will be glad to figure that out for you.



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