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Mason Jars Drinking Jars

We are very taken with the look and feel of a pint size mason jar in our hand. Granted it is only 8 oz mason jar but it is refillable and much easier to hold than a quart mason jar. We have found a couple selections of mason jars that we find visually appealing.

All of the mason jars we have on this page are Ball Mason Jars, made in the USA. We will be putting up some other jars we have in stock - the vintage colored Commemorative Embossed mason jar with a silver lid and band and the clear pint size mason jar by Ball once we take new photos.


daisy top sipping mason jar

Daisy Top Sipper
$4.00 set (jar, metal lid)

A cutie of a sipping jar, pint size Ball mason Jar, made in the USA, with a daisy cut out gold finish metal lid (not a band, it is a lid) $4.00 set (straw not included)

We like the simplicity of this mason jar. A square jar with rounded edges. Not the standard canning mason jar you find in the grocery stores these days with a good amount of embossing, this jar has clean lines with the following embossing (each side):

- Mason (along the top neck) otherwise blank
- Mason (along the top neck) 1/4, 1/2, 3/4
- Mason (along the top neck) 1/4, 1/2, 3/4
- Mason (along the top neck) otherwise blank

With two blank sides you could put a label to personalize the mason jar for a party or gift.

This jar has a metal lid that is cut out allowing a straw to fit for easy sipping. With 8 additional cuts in the lid we have put cut flowers, mini carnations actually, and given the mason jar as a hostess gift. The jar can then be reused as a sipping jar or once again for cut flowers. Easy to grip and hold we have had fun with this at summer picnics with an ice cold drink (your choice of beverage :) We have included our Texas made form sleeve so you can drink hot tea or coffee from just the open jar (no lid).

Another great option for this jar is to purchase a cuppow from the site and you can make it into a travel mug (this jar is a standard size opening, not wide). Made in Massachusetts.

Also you can put a reCap on this mason jar - an great way to make use of a glass jar and make it pour and store - sugar, honey, milk, loose tea, you name it - wet or dry. And, of course, USA made! Find them on the website.





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