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Glass Milk Bottles (new)
- Half Gallon
- Quart
- Pint
- Half Pint

Glass Storage Bottles
- Libbey 24 oz

Bottle Go-Withs
- Milk Bottle Caps
- Bottle Brushes
- Bottle Carriers & Baskets

Vintage Items - Limited
- Square Half Pint
- Round Quarter Pint

Mason Jars / Drinking Jars
- Daisy Top Sipper

How to Buy and Store Raw Milk

Look for the products we sell that are 'Made in America'.

Paypal accepted

Use UPS My Choice to manage your delivery date.

How to Order

Send us an email with your order. This is the preferable way. We have had to take on an additional job as business has dropped so this has become a part time business. We often can't answer the phone due to this change so email is the preferable way to communicate. So with an email we can fill the order once we get home that day and get an invoice out to you. Please tell us your shipping zip code and how you plan to pay in that initial email. Don't include your credit/debit card number in the email (not safe). You can than pay in one of three ways:

1. The quickest way: Paypal online: We can also send you an invoice via Paypal (just need your zip code and your paypal email address - we will send the invoice to you once we pack your order). You don't need a paypal address/account. It is just a way to pay online in a secure manner - just like or a similar website.

2. Pay by check/money order: We can send you an email with the info so you can send a check/money order (just need your zip code to figure out the shipping). Once we get the check or money order we will ship your order and send you an email telling you your order is on its way.

3. Credit card over the phone: Give us your phone number in the email and once we pack your order we will call you for your credit/debit card info. Please include your full billing and shipping address (if different) in the email so when we call we just need your credit/debit info. We process our credit/debit card transactions through Paypal so you will get an receipt showing the Paypal logo. If you don't want this to happen then please send a check. This will also require us to reach you by phone once the order is packed. And that can be hit and miss between our schedule and your availability. Just keep this in mind if you choose this option.




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