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Glass Storage Bottle

libbey hydration bottle - glass storage container

Glass Storage Bottle - 24 oz with glass top
$7.00 each

This is the latest from Libbey, the glass company based in Ohio. This hydration glass bottle is a straight styled bottle and made in Toledo Ohio. It comes with a glass lid with a plastic fitment that creates an airtight seal for any of your food storage needs. The storage ideas are practically limitless. Fill it with nuts, candy, cookie mix, dry soup mix, put a ribbon on it and you have a great hostess gift, welcome to the neighborhood gift, glad to see you gift.

And once emptied can be refilled and used over and over, cleaning up nicely in the dishwasher. It has a nice wide mouth for easy filling. We put a beverage in it for our desktop and even take it in the car on trips.

Do be careful as it is glass. But it is easy to grip and hold.

Think about using them on your buffet for parties, holding cold sauces or dips - making the presentation both upscale and sanitary. You can also put any beverage including servings of decanted wine or flavored water for service right at the table.

graduated glass quart storage bottle

Glass bottle - quart
Graduated measures
Screw top (comes with white metal food safe lid)
32 oz. - $5.00 each.

This is a new, unused bottle. It is a square bottle with rounded sides. Two things that distinquish this bottle is that it is a screw top (a metal lid, food safe) and it has embossed markings showing both ounces and c.c. on one side of the bottle (as shown). The other three sides have no markings, leaving room for a label. The bottle is USA made.

This bottle is not as thick walled as the glass milk bottles we sell. So where the glass milk bottles can stand to be knocked around this one can't. The plus with this bottle is it's graduated markings - good for dispensing baby's milk. And that it's a screw top so the bottle can travel in a cooler and if it tips the liquid won't spill. And it's glass and not plastic - the best reason of all.


Made in America
Made in America






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