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Glass Pint Milk Bottle

glass pint milk bottle

Glass milk bottle - pint - 16 oz.
$8.00 each.

This is a new, unused bottle. The opposite sides of the bottle are indented a bit for your hand to grip. A square bottle it measures 5.5" high, 3" by 3" wide (measurements are approximate). The bottle comes with your choice of cap - white, red or cream. The caps are bpa-free plastic and snap on and off the bottle. You will need to remove the tamper evident strip from the cap before your first use. The caps are airtight, but not leak proof, so don't lay the bottle down. The caps will last several months until they become loose and aren't as tight on the bottle anymore. Caps can be purchased separately.

You should hand wash the caps, but can dish wash the bottles.

The pint size is just perfect for half and half. Very handy to have on the table with a pour spout to dispense milk or cream for coffee/tea. Or to put young one's own personal beverage. And we have found this bottle to be a great vase as it won't easily tip over.

Bottle Go-Withs:

Bottle Go-Withs:
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white milk bottle cap
48mm cap in cream
white milk bottle cap
48mm cap in white

two quart wire carrier
Wire carrier for
2 pints

wire carrier for 4 quarts
Wire carrier for 4 pints

washing bottle brush
Washing bottle brush with small foam tip

pour spouts for milk bottles
Pour spout with a red freshness cap

Do you have little ones that won't drink their milk? Well a customer of ours - Sandy in CA - came up with what she hopes will be a solution. She purchased two pint bottles, pour caps, and a wire carrier for the 2 pints and on Christmas day her children will unwrap bottles full of milk from Santa Claus. And we know all little boys and girls want to want to be good for Santa.



If you are just ordering bottle caps see the info about shipping capacity on the milk bottle cap page.



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