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Glass Milk Bottles - new

These are the thick walled glass milk bottles you may remember from your childhood. They are still in production as dairies across the country are still bottling milk and either delivering it to groceries stores, usually a high end store or a natural food store or their own dairy store or even delivering it to your door - a cherished memory that has come back into fashion in some areas. You can check out this website to see if delivery is available in your area (though perhaps not in glass bottles).

The great thing about a glass milk bottle is that you can get it really clean, unlike the plastic jug, and be sure to do that between uses, whether by putting it in the dishwasher or using hot soapy water and a good brush. You don't want any residue left in the bottle when you put in your next batch of milk or juice or distilled water.

All glass milk bottles are priced individually so order what you need. Each glass milk bottle comes with a tamper evident bpa-free plastic snap-on cap. To insure against breakage each bottle in wrapped in corrugated cardboard and packed in a box with packing corn starch peanuts (all are recyclable). Click on the image below for more details.

half gallon glass milk bottle
Glass Half Gallon
Milk Bottle
(64 oz)
quart glass milk bottle
Glass Quart Milk Bottle
(32 oz)
pint glass milk bottle
Glass Pint Milk Bottle
(16 oz)
half pint glass milk bottle
Glass Half Pint Milk Bottle
(8 oz)
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