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Glass Milk Bottles (new)
- Half Gallon
- Quart
- Pint
- Half Pint

Glass Storage Bottles
- Libbey 24 oz

Bottle Go-Withs
- Milk Bottle Caps
- Bottle Brushes
- Bottle Carriers & Baskets

Vintage Items - Limited
- Square Half Pint
- Round Quarter Pint

Mason Jars / Drinking Jars
- Daisy Top Sipper

How to Buy and Store Raw Milk

Look for the products we sell that are 'Made in America'.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Though this list of Questions and Answers is not comprehensive we do want to provide some information to what we know are common questions. Please do not hesitate to call (419-299-6726) or email us directly for more information as we so enjoy speaking with our customers and potential customers.

1. Do you sell in bulk ?

We are too small to sell in bulk, except for milk bottle caps.

2. Do you have a store that I can visit?

We only do mail order either by phone or by email. Customers are not allowed to visit us, based on our business license. We do know of an Amish farm in Cochranville PA that has some of the bottles and caps. You can find their info on the website.

3. How long does it take before I receive my order?

We make every effort to get your order packed the day we receive it (Monday - Friday). Often orders are shipped the same day, if you are able to pay before UPS/USPS arrive that afternoon. If you have a deadline - a wedding, party, a gift - please let us know when you place the order. We will get your order packed and get it ready to ship as quick as we can - the deciding factor will be how long it takes to get the order to you - that is can UPS/USPS deliver to you in time. And whether you want to pay for expedited shipping or not.

4. Do you charge tax?

At this point we only charge tax in NM as that is the state where we are located. Your tax will be reflected on your invoice.

5. Can we ask you to get an item for us?

Yes, if the item is of glass or related to glass milk bottles we will be glad to see if we can find an item you can't find elsewhere. Please provide us with as much info as possible.

6. Do you resell used glass milk bottles?

Not as rule, though we were able to find small vintage milk bottles in NY and could not pass up the opportunity. The larger sizes are available used at flea markets and the like and we can't compete. We can offer you an opportunity to post the info on our Ning community network.

7. How often do you get in new items?

With the launch of our new website, Yesteryear Homewares, we are searching for new items to add constantly. We are very particular and need to know where the item is manufactured before we will purchase. We concentrate on offering items made here in the USA. We note in the item description all the info we can find on the item to help you decide before you purchase from us.

8. What is your relationship to

We started the website back in 2008 to publicize the Amish farmers in PA where we lived at the time. When we started selling glass milk bottles we put the bottles on a page on that website. Business increased and once we moved to NM in mid 2012 we started the Yesteryear Homewares website.

9. How do I clean milk deposits on older bottles?

Victoria from Oregon suggested this:

Put in a teaspoon of Borax powder in the bottle and add some cool water (not hot) approx. 2 or 3 tablespoons. It depends on how much milk deposits are set into the bottle. I shake the bottle vigorously to ensure the powder covers the inside of the bottle.  Allow the powder to sit for at least a day. I then add a little water the next morning, shake the bottle again and then rinse several times. After that, I add a few drops of liquid dish soap and wash the bottle thoroughly. Amazing results…the bottle is absolutely crystal clear of any milk deposits or sediments.

10. What is the history of glass milk bottles?

This is a great article on the history of glass milk bottles with many photos.

11. Why do consumers prefer glass?

  • 66% believe food and drink tastes better out of glass.
  • 74% said they believe glass is more natural than other packaging materials.
  • 63% believe using glass packaging is better from the environment than other forms of packaging.
  • 69% said they prefer to drink out of a glass bottle rather than a plastic one.
  • 69% believe packaging products in glass suggests quality.
  • 70% said I prefer the feel of glass bottles to plastic ones.
  • 76% I prefer to see glass bottles on the table rather than plastic ones.
  • 81% said glass bottles are more attractive than plastic ones.
Research carried out by Taylor Nelson Sofres between 26-24 October 2003 with a representative sample of 1014 adults.

12. What is a good source for info about raw milk?

The Campaign for Real Milk

The Weston A. Price Foundation out of Washington DC is working on an education project called A Campaign for Real Milk. If you want info about why fresh raw whole milk from old-fashioned breeds of cows that eat green grass, silage, hay and root vegetables and not commercial feeds is better for you than check out their website:


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