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Glass Milk Bottles (new)
- Half Gallon
- Quart
- Pint
- Half Pint

Glass Storage Bottles
- Libbey 24 oz

Bottle Go-Withs
- Milk Bottle Caps
- Bottle Brushes
- Bottle Carriers & Baskets

Vintage Items - Limited
- Square Half Pint
- Round Quarter Pint

Mason Jars / Drinking Jars
- Daisy Top Sipper

How to Buy and Store Raw Milk

Look for the products we sell that are 'Made in America'.

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About Yesteryear Homewares

Yesteryear Homewares was founded in 2008 starting out as a page on the website. We built that website to publicize the Amish near our then home in PA, many of the families had become friends, and since they didn't have access to the internet it was a way to drive traffic to their farms. When we started selling glass milk bottles and since we had partnered with one of the Amish families to store our inventory, the website seemed like a natural place to list the glass milk bottle for sale.

The business expanded over the years, we moved to New Mexico in mid 2012, and felt the need to move the business to its own website - We've been wanting to offer more items and our focus has been on finding items made here in the US or at the very least in North America. We ask each manufacturer to provide us with that info so we can share it with you. There have been several items we have chosen not to offer on our site because they weren't made here.

Made in AmericaLook for the Made in America icon on the products we sell that we have confirmed are truly made here is the USA.

Most of our customers are end users, the consumer, who want a glass milk bottle because they get milk from a local farmer. Other customers have no choice but to buy milk at the grocery store but the minute they get home transfer the milk to a glass bottle for a number of reasons - to get it out the plastic jug (that contains BPA) or cardboard carton because it leaks, or because they like how cold the milk gets in a glass bottle, or because the glass provides an airtight container for the milk and it will last longer, or they just like the nostalgic feeling they get grabbing for the glass milk bottle and for just a moment they are a kid again in their folks house, with their jammies on, eating just baked cookies at the kitchen table.

So for many reasons we sell glass milk bottles. And we chose to sell the caps and brushes and carriers and will add other items we think you will like that will fit nicely in your home. We will do our due diligence and research the company that makes the product and will only sell you what we believe to be a quality product. And should you have an issue with what we sell you please contact us and we will make it right.

We found this graphic below, sent to us via Twitter by GlassIsLife. - 85% of American agree, things taste better in glass. We couldn't agree more.

glass is life


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